Our Story

We are explorers driven by a desire to experience the World in all its multicolored crazy glory. Inspired by our love for history and our insatiable attraction for imagery and objects of bygone times, we scour the globe from Penang to Hollywood, via Madrid and Mexico City in search of iconic images and objects of the past, curating the meaningful and aesthetic to create the World of Coolkitsch

The Team

A partnership built on friendship and family, Coolkitsch is our shared dream.

Coolkitsch, Simon


« SIM »

Trained in art and art History, Simon is a graphic designer, documentary director and modern renaissance Man. A natural born traveler, he has also worked with IFHR and Magnum Photo on a World tour, and together with the UN to preserve Afghanistan’s cultural heritage. His travels have taken him throughout India, the Silk Road and Afghanistan. Above all he is a cool dude with a big heart

Coolkitsch, Tony


« TONY »

Historian by training, Luxury Executive by fate and now crazy entrepreneur by design. A globe trotter and gallivanter with an innate love of history and art, he has collected, not to say hoarded, Vintage posters, antique photography and old advertising. Follow your passion and you will find your purpose. You only live once.

Coolkitsch, Chini



Francine is a distinguished graduate of the Royal College of Art in London with over 30 years in the fashion industry, working and traveling all over the globe, from Europe to Delhi exploring markets and bazaars adding to her collections of textiles and art. She leapt at the chance of collaborating with her brother Antonio and Simon to create Coolkitsch, a distillation of all the things that they love.

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